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Parsons School of Design

SENTINELS offers a reactionary perspective on the portrayal of female emotion in art. Exploring vulnerable displays of emotion behind femininity, SENTINELS reinterprets representations of female emotion in earlier 19th-century “masterpieces,” through an inclusionary contemporary lens. 

My interest in 19th-century works of art derives from my extensive involvement with Opera for over a decade, which exposed me to a diverse range of productions and art forms that delved into classical portrayals of femininity that often relied on the misconstruction of the female body under a white, heterosexual male gaze.

By capturing these emotions rendered in older works of art, SENTINELS explores realism through the form of photography and sound, inviting the viewer to consider the complexities of feminine expression in a new light. SENTINELS incorporates female-presenting individuals from a range of underrepresented racial backgrounds and sexual identities in order to thematically challenge and dismantle oppressive systems of power and privilege in the art world. 

By placing a modern emphasis on the emotional complexity of femininity, SENTINELS serves as a reminder of the importance of recognizing and celebrating the diverse experiences and inner worlds of women, both past and present, by breaking down the barriers that have traditionally limited the visibility and acceptance of marginalized communities.

SENTINELS functions as a captivating audio-visual installation featuring a musical composition titled "Elegy of Us," which is directly informed by the concept of delving into the articulation of emotions through the medium of sound.

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